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Homebirth Videos

Our homebirth videos explore in detail the contentious, emotion-filled topic of home vs hospital birth. Indeed, for many years the debate has raged between midwives, doctors and parents on the best place to give birth. Our educational and engaging homebirth videos discuss how we can work together to achieve the best for mum and baby.

It seems that everyone has an opinion on where is best to birth and what women’s expectations of birth should be. Our homebirth videos aim to put women and babies back at the centre of these debates. Where they should always be. Our first homebirth video explores the rationale behind homebirth and hospital birth. It aims to forge better ways for midwives and obstetricians to work together in supporting women.

The Strong Muma – Bella Jane Born at Home

The Strong Mama is an awe-inspiring video of the power of a woman birthing at home. Rachel shares her beautiful birth of her daughter Bella, supported by Nick Giampietro and her birth support team. This is how birth is meant to be. Thank you Rachel so much for sharing. BELLA JAYNE GIAMPIETRO •13.09.18 // 2.9kgs // 53cm // Born at home• From Rachel … It is said that women in labour leave their bodies... they travel to the stars

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Birth – A Story Every Pregnant Woman Should See

Birth is momentous, you go from being a woman to a mother, a couple to a family. But how informed are you along the journey? PBB created this video called 'Birth - A story every pregnant woman should see!'. A must-see video that challenges the very status quo - the predominate view that every birth should occur in hospital. Based on the original article 'Out of the laboratory: Back to the darkened room' arguably one of the best articles

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