While the majority of pregnancies proceed normally about one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. The loss of a pregnancy can come as a shock and the physical and emotional symptoms may be difficult. Many questions can arise such as: What causes miscarriage in early pregnancy? Was it something I did? Are their different types of miscarriage? What tests and treatments are available? What can I do to recover from a miscarriage? Is there support available following a miscarriage?

If you have been affected by miscarriage or are worried about its possibility – perhaps you have experienced some bleeding or pain and are waiting to know what is happening – we hope that you’ll find the information in this section will allay your fears or help you through your experience.

Miscarriage Articles

Understanding Miscarriage

Understanding Miscarriage By Hannah Dahlen Miscarriage affects the lives of many women and their partners and the true impact is often underestimated by health professionals, family and friends. Just because miscarriage is a relatively common event does not mean it is insignificant or that it should, or will, soon be forgotten. Why does miscarriage happen? Miscarriage is a term used for loss of a baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy. In Australia every year more than 50,000 pregnancies end



Miscarriage Miscarriage can have a profound impact on parents. The term miscarriage refers to early pregnancy loss.  Miscarriage is common, around one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Parents reaction to miscarriage can vary from not been hardly effected at all to the miscarriage being a devastating life event. Support and information can help parents at this very difficult time. Two web sites that may be of assistance are: www.miscarriage.org.nz www.sidsandkids.org The following poem was written by Nicole Johnson


The Sound of Silence Journeys Through Miscarriage

The Sound of Silence Journeys Through Miscarriage By Jane Palmer As a midwife I often find myself in the position of supporting women through a miscarriage in early pregnancy. Each time, it breaks my heart as the woman grieves for her lost baby. I want to be able to support women in the best way possible through their individual journey. When I was offered the opportunity to review the book ‘The Sound of Silence: Journeys Through Miscarriage’ I jumped