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Lotus birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut. This is so that the baby remains attached to his or her placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus- exactly as a cut cord does. This normally happens 3 to 10 days after birth. This prolonged contact is seen as a time of transition. Moreover, it  allows the baby to slowly and gently let go of his or her attachment to the mother’s body. Read all of Dr Sarah Buckley’s article on lotus birth …

Lotus Birth Books/DVDs

The DVD is “Lotus Birth: Waterbirth of the Malcolm Twins”

The book is “Lotus Birth” and is complied by Shivam Rachana

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Lotus Birth by Lavendilly

Lotus Birth by Lavendilly By Jennifer McCormack Rosella was our lotus birth baby. We had considered the idea with Kaelan, and I had even prepared a beautiful silk bag, with a lotus painted on it, to keep his placenta in. We had bought the salt and had everything ready … but still we had reservations about it. I was still having issues getting over the ‘ick’ factor. As it happened, Kaelan was born by emergency cesarean and so the


Lotus Birth

Lotus Birth By Dr Sarah Buckley © Dr Sarah J Buckley MD 2009 This article may be copied and circulated for personal use and also for use by birth professionals, provided that all information is retained and credited. For permission to translate, publish or post online, please contact Sarah via her website www.sarahjbuckley.com Excerpted from the book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: the wisdom and science of gentle choices in pregnancy, birth and parenting (One Moon Press, 2005) For more


Jayden Singh Cheema

Verena and Bobby are excited to welcome their first son Jayden Singh Cheema into this wonderful world. He was born on Thursday the 30th of June 2011 at 3:58 am through a natural home-lotus birth at 41 weeks (49 cm and 3 kg). We are very thankful for the guidance, calmness, support and wisdom we received from our midwife Rachele Meredith. Jayden is an amazing, grounded, alert and healthy child and we are so thankful, overjoyed and blessed to