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Birth Trauma

Birth trauma is unfortunately experienced by a growing number of women. During pregnancy women ponder the birth of their baby. Their hopes and dreams may vary widely. Some may dream of an idyllic home birth, others are planning for a calm and positive birth centre or hospital birth. Yet others may be pondering an elective caesarean. But while women may stand divided in planning their births, sadly some will stand united in the aftermath of a traumatic birth.

A traumatic birth, no matter how it comes about or what occurs, is the death of a dream. The dream of the birth we hoped and planned for and all we believed would come with it. This section seeks to validate the sense of anger, sadness and loss that can accompany a traumatic birth through the words of those who have experienced it, and those who try to prevent it.

Birth Trauma Articles

What is Natural Childbirth?

Natural or normal physiological birth occurs when no drugs or interventions are employed while a woman labours to birth her baby vaginally. Some common interventions are: Induction Rupturing the membranes Inhaling nitrous oxide Pain relief such as pethidine or epidurals Caesarean birth. For some women, considering the use of some interventions is necessary and essential to their health and that of their baby. However the rate of interventions has serious implications for babies and women. When we interfere in