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Organising a Homebirth

Once you have decided to birth at home you will begin to think about what your hopes and dreams are for your homebirth. Organising a homebirth is a time when you are preparing mentally, physically and spiritually to meet your baby. Do you want music, soft lighting, affirmations, a birthing pool, a doula? Do you want to be spoken to? How can you create your own birth space? These topics are covered in these organising a homebirth articles.

Birth in the way that is right for you. Feel prepared for your homebirth and have any unusual scenarios planned for. Birth from a place of confidence, knowledge and trust. We hope that these articles will prepare you for your incredible homebirth journey.

COVID-19 – Is Now the Right Time to Choose Homebirth?

Facing this current pandemic is a surge of expecting mothers considering the swap to homebirth. A worrying belief that hospitals are epicentres for the spread of the virus is responsible for women considering a homebirth. Understandably women are concerned about the threat of corona virus transmission to their health and that of their families.  With the emergence of COVID-19 - is now the right time to choose homebirth? Increase in Request for Homebirths Vast numbers of requests are becoming


Homebirth Supplies

We outline the most common homebirth supplies you’ll need to have on hand during your labour, for the birth, and after. After all having a homebirth can be a gloriously life-changing event. In addition, planning and preparing for a homebirth can be an exciting experience too, as you collect together the supplies you’ll need. But what do you need? Homebirth Supplies for labour Labour requires lots of energy, courage and self-belief. But beyond these essential yet intangible things, there