Twins Pregnancy

Expecting a baby can be an exciting, challenging and awe-inspiring time. But what if you discover that there is not just one life growing inside you but two? While in many ways a twins pregnancy will be similar to a singleton one, there are symptoms, considerations and complications which are unique to, or more common in, a twins pregnancy.

The discovery that you are expecting twins may be one of sheer joy and excitement, or of disbelief and uncertainty. It may be a chance for an ‘instant family’ or it may mean the birth of two babies when finances and living arrangements will only comfortably accommodate one. Either way, questions you never thought you needed answers to, now present themselves.

  • How will my body accommodate two babies?
  • Will common symptoms of pregnancy, like nausea and tiredness, be worse with twins?
  • How will my two babies grow and change inside me throughout the pregnancy?
  • Can I still have a natural birth or will I need a caesarean?
  • How will I cope with two newborn babies?
  • What products exist that could help me with pregnancy, and caring for my twins?
  • What if there are more than two babies?

These are just a few questions about your twins pregnancy to which you may want answers. We’ve answered these and many more.

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Twin Articles

Twin Articles

In this section you will find articles about twin pregnancy and twin birth. In our twin articles section we will cover information such as: Why twins occur, identical and non-identical twins, determining a twin pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms with twins, pregnancy complications with twins, giving birth to twins, feeding twins and lots lots more.

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