Our homebirth articles seek to explain why it is that homebirth is the birth of choice for more and more women. With a homebirth you can birth in the environment that you feel most comfortable and relaxed in – your home. It is very important to shut out outside distractions when you are in labour. This means that homebirth can be a quicker, smoother and more empowering way to give birth. Our homebirth articles include views from midwives on what it is like to attend such a broad variety of births, which are personalised to each family.

Read more about the true evidence surrounding how safe homebirth is in our homebirth articles below. You may be surprised to find out that risks like postpartum haemorrhage are reduced by having your baby at home. Birth is perhaps the single most important event in our lives. It is essential that we are knowledgeable about the latest research into homebirth.

Homebirth Articles