At PBB we’ve compiled a list of web resources on vaginal birth after caesarean VBAC links. That is to say; we have looked at resources you might find helpful. You’ll discover consumer-run websites on VBAC as well as resources written by health professionals. We hope you find them interesting. If you have any suggestions for links you’d like to see here, please email our webmaster. PBB is keen to offer as much support for vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) as we can.

VBAC Links

Australian VBAC Links

Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean Inc. This Facebook group aims of provide a support network for women who have had a previous caesarean section and to increase awareness of womens’ needs. There is lots of information on Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) and offers contacts for women seeking a VBAC.

Raising Children’s Network – A website funded by the Australian Government. They provide free, reliable, up-to-date and independent information to help your family grow and thrive together. Raising Children’s Network provides lots of information on topics relevant to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Additionally they provide information on VBAC.

VBAC Australia Support Group – A Facebook VBAC support group. They support women’s rights to choose how they birth their child/ren, but our group’s focus is to support women on their vbac journey. They are not anti-rcs, however supporting women choosing non medically indicated rcs is not the focus of our group. VBAC Australia Support Group say ‘we cannot be all things to all people’.

International VBAC Links

VBAC Vaginal Birth After Caesarean – A popular Facebook Page with over 21,000, follwers. VBACFAN is run by Maternal Safety Foundation an oranisation from the United States who’s primary initiative is safe care for women who’ve experienced a previous caesarean birth. This site aims to provide access to information from a variety of sources: scientific studies, professional guidelines, government reports, successful and safe established VBAC programs, and the midwifery model of care. Their goal is to help women make informed decisions about how they will give birth.

International Caesarean Awareness Network
This is a collection of fact sheets and information put out by the International Caesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) and other sources. Information includes how to prevent an unnecessary caesarean, vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), how to find resources in your community, information about ICAN, and how to become a part of ICAN.

Caesarean Birth and VBAC Information offers research-based information and support on all aspects of caesareans and vaginal birth following caesarean section.