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Adaptor for Indoor Taps


Adaptor for Indoor Taps can be used to attach a hose to an internal tap to fill a waterbirth pool.

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The Adaptor for Indoor Taps is an innovative product making it simple to attach a hose to an indoor tap. Struggling to find a solution that enables the filling of a birth pool with warm water at home or in a hospital using a hose? Our adapter for indoor taps makes filling the birth pool quick and easy.

The main part of the adapter is designed to loosen the aerator of an indoor tap. Once the aerator is removed the adapter for indoor taps can be attached to either a 22mm male threaded or 24mm female threaded tap. These measurements are a fairly standard tap fitting sizes found in most homes and hospitals. Your hose to fill the birth pool can be quickly attached and detached from the adapter for indoor taps using a hose connector. For further details on using the adaptor for indoor taps see our instructional video below

Advantages of the adaptor for indoor taps

  • Fast attachment and detachment of hose to fill birth pool
  • No scratching of fittings
  • Water tight seal

Tips for filling a birth pool

  • Always use a new hose as an old hose could contain bacteria
  • Preferably use a drinking water hose – they are non toxic, BPA free and do not contain lead
  • To attach a hose to the Adapter a hose connector is required i.e. Neta 12mm Plastic Hose Connector

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 21 cm


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