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Natural Birth of Twins and Triplets Video

Finding a portrayal of natural birth of twin and triplet is extremely difficult. Most of the content on the world wide web that you read and watch on multiple birth focuses on risk, the need for intervention and often caesarean birth. This YouTube video features a photo montage of women who have had their twins or triplets naturally (most were unmedicated and with as few interventions as possible), many against great odds!. The creator of this video dedicates it to all the mothers of twins and triplets - no matter what their birth outcome. This video on natural birth of twins and triplets shows the other side of the coin and that natural birth is possible. Enjoy.


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jess boodhoo
May 29, 2012 7:07pm [ 1 ]

hi. thankyou so much for this. im 14 wks pregnant with spontanious triplets. i have had three singletons all naturally without any problems, very straightforward and beautiful labors. 5 hrs for the first, 3 1/2 fr the seccond and 2 hrs for the third. i used massage and aromatherapy and water for my labor and my babies were placed straight on to me after birth and never left my side. i was hoping when i found out that i was pregnant that this could happen again, but after finding out that i am pregnant with triplets at the 12 wk ultrasound, i was inundated with the risks and have been told that i will almost definately need to have a c section. this has lead to depression. i feel that this is not the best thing for my babies or myself. i have been on the internet non stop for the last two weeks trying to find some hope, and i thankyou for giving it to me. im simply praying that i can at least be given the chance to have a natural birth without extreame intervention. x x x x

Nov 10, 2012 7:57pm [ 2 ]

Hi, I've just uploaded my vaginal birth of my triplets to youtube. Search for The Pregnancy and Birth of the Trama Triplets. Enjoy x

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