Pregnancy after Miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage Your experience of pregnancy after miscarriage is rarely as straightforward as the first time you learned you were pregnant. This time, along with joy, relief and hope, you might have less pleasant feelings. Maybe you’re worried about this baby’s health or grieving your previous loss. Consequently you might feel guilty that


Molar Pregnancy

Molar Pregnancy By Hannah Dahlen A molar pregnancy, otherwise known as an Hydatidiform Mole, occur when a part of the baby that forms the placenta becomes quite abnormal. This can occur when a sperm penetrates an empty ovum (female’s egg) or when a couple of sperm enter an ovum. It occurs about 1 in


Loosing Temperance

LoosingTemperance By Yvette Barton When you see an embryo, your embryo, on a screen in an embryology lab it can be hard to resist not falling in love with the hope that this tiny mass of cells offers. There it is. Your baby. And if it can just hold on long enough, you will


Sydney Hospitals

Sydney Hospitals Inner West RPA - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Missenden Rd, Camperdown, 2050 ph: (02) 9515 6111 Public hospital: public, private and birth centre West Auburn Hospital Norval Street, Auburn, 2144 ph: 02 9563 9678 Public hospital: public and private care Blacktown Hospital Blacktown Road, Blacktown, 2148 ph: (02) 9881 8000 Public hospital:


What is Gestational Diabetes?

What is Gestational Diabetes? Hannah Dahlen Gestational Diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs during the pregnancy and then goes away after the baby is born. Around 3-8% of pregnant women will develop Gestational Diabetes at around 28 weeks of pregnancy, as this is the time that most women are tested. Certain women


Understanding IVF

Understanding IVF Hannah Dahlen Since Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, was born in England in 1978 it is estimated that over a million babies have been born worldwide using some form of assisted reproductive technology. In Australia and New Zealand 6816 babies were born in 2002 as a result of assisted reproductive


Herpes and Pregnancy

Herpes and Pregnancy Hannah Dahlen One in eight Australians…… Genital herpes is an extremely common disease with one in eight Australians carrying the virus. There is a lot of misinformation in the community about genital herpes and this means the psychological impact of the disease often outweighs the physical effects. Here are some facts: