Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy

By Yvette Barton You’ve discovered you’re pregnant again but you’re still breastfeeding your toddler. Does this mean you must wean your child? If you don’t are you putting your unborn child at risk? Will breastfeeding during pregnancy be more demanding on my body? All good questions! The reality is that in a normal healthy


Birth Plans

By Jane Palmer Birth Plans have been around for many years. They originated to assist women to inform their midwife or doctor of their wishes during labour, particularly if they wanted to avoid routine interventions. Birth Plans have evolved since their humble beginnings. Now they may be comprised of many things, including thoughts and


Induced Lactation Adoptive Breastfeeding

By Yvette Barton When most of us think of a breastfeeding mother, we automatically link this with pregnancy. After all, in order to breastfeed, don’t you first have to give birth to a baby? The truth is that while conventionally speaking pregnancy and breastfeeding are intrinsically linked, it is possible for a woman to


Pregnancy After 35

Pregnancy After 35 By Yvette Barton Generally speaking you probably don’t have to go very far to find a woman who has given birth to a child after 35. The age at which women in Australia will have their first baby is increasing as many couple choose to achieve other goals first. Many celebrities have


I’ll Never Get Pregnant

By Ki Wolf Natalie stared down blankly at another negative strip of plastic, urine covered let down. Ten months and still nothing. She hardly expected to see a second line, but that didn’t dampen the hard slap in the face that it was every time she saw such faceless rejection. “I should have had


Pregnancy Changes Women’s Feet

Pregnancy Changes Women's Feet By Oliver Fawcett A new study published in the March 2013 edition of the American Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine shows that pregnancy may permanently change a woman’s feet. Professor Neil Segal a researcher at the University of Iowa, heard women discussing changes in their shoe size with pregnancy, but


My Birth Story

By Hayley Sheen Ok. Firstly I will start by saying that I was not a maternal woman through my earlier life. I was not the person that ran to a newborn baby begging for a cuddle. I was the person that waited until the baby could hold its head up before I volunteered to


Exercise During Pregnancy Increases Infant Brain Development

Exercise During Pregnancy Increases Infant Brain Development By Yvette Barton The idea that exercising during pregnancy is good for women is not a new one. An abundance of research has shown that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy experience less in the way pregnancy discomforts, have a shortened active phase of labour, are less


Twin Breech Birth Story

Twin Breech Birth Story For an unplanned pregnancy, we were certainly surprised when we discovered two little beings on the first ultrasound. We had initially planned a homebirth, with our midwife who had supported us at our daughter's birth at home one year ago. However due to the increased risks associated with twins, we


UnBreaking Birth

Ryan McAllister is a parent, biophysicist and a research professor at Georgetown University. For over 10 years Ryan has studied maternity care. Ryan presents this YouTube video called “Unbreaking Birth” . This video is well worth watching. Ryan presents complex issues in an easy to understand manner. He explores the United States maternity care