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Remi’s Birth Breech VBAC!

Remi's Birth Breech VBAC! Tess Anthony shares Remis's Breech VBAC birth story. Expecting her fourth baby Tess discovers that her baby is again breech. Mia, Tess's third baby, was also breech. Mia's birth ended as a caesarean even though Tess wanted a vaginal birth. This time around Tess is determined to have a vaginal


Sydney Hospitals

Sydney Hospitals Inner West RPA - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Missenden Rd, Camperdown, 2050 ph: (02) 9515 6111 Public hospital: public, private and birth centre West Auburn Hospital Norval Street, Auburn, 2144 ph: 02 9563 9678 Public hospital: public and private care Blacktown Hospital Blacktown Road, Blacktown, 2148 ph: (02) 9881 8000 Public hospital:


What is Gestational Diabetes?

What is Gestational Diabetes? Hannah Dahlen Gestational Diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs during the pregnancy and then goes away after the baby is born. Around 3-8% of pregnant women will develop Gestational Diabetes at around 28 weeks of pregnancy, as this is the time that most women are tested. Certain women


Vitamin K for Newborn Babies

Vitamin K for Newborn Babies At birth you will be asked whether or not you would like your baby to have Vitamin K. The human body requires Vitamin K in order to make blood clot. When babies are born, their level of Vitamin K is low in comparison to adult levels. Regardless, this level


Alcohol and Breastfeeding

Alcohol and Breastfeeding For the most part, women will abstain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy in order to provide the best start in life for their baby. However once your baby is born, you may wish to enjoy a drink with a meal, when out with friends or on a special occasion. But what


Inducing Labour Naturally

Inducing Labour Naturally Finding ways of inducing labour naturally has never been more imperative. Medical induction of labour has been increasing since the 1980s. Now days over 25% of women have their labours induced and a further 19.2% will have their labours sped up by artificial means (Australian Mothers and Babies 2009). Common methods


Doctors and Midwives Make Mistakes

Doctors and Midwives Make Mistakes By Jane Palmer While the video doctors make mistakes is not aimed directly at midwives - it is certainly a video that is very relevant to all midwives. Mistakes are not something that midwives are immune to. Dr Brian Goldman talks about his personal experience with making mistakes in


Rebozo Demonstration with Naoli Vinaver Lopez

Rebozo Demonstration with Naoli Vinaver Lopez This Youtube video demonstrates how to use the Rebozo (Mexican Shawl) to help women progress labour. Well known midwife Naoli Vinaver Lopez from Mexico, came to Los Angeles to teach a doula-workshop.