Bilateral Polycystic OvariesQuestion from singlemom: Before getting pregnant, I was already diagnosed to have a bilateral polycystic ovaries. But still I get pregnant twice. “What is the cause of polycystic ovary? And what is the treatment?”

Response 4th February 2014 by ljmarsden

Dear singlemom,

Thank you for your question. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) occurs where a woman has a number of cysts in her ovaries. Women who suffer with PCOS typically have irregular periods (this is one reason why conceiving is more difficult) and high levels of the hormone androgen. It is believed that PCOS has a genetic cause and that it is related to a hormone imbalance.

Some women with PCOS will not ovulate. However, you have a greater chance of ovulation (with PCOS) if you are able to control your weight and also if you have just come off the pill (i.e. you are trying to conceive in the first cycle after coming off the pill). I don’t know if these apply/applied to you? Are your periods irregular?

Medication and surgical treatment is also available for women with PCOS. You can get more information on this on the information POSAA website (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association of Australia Inc).

I hope this information helps you. Please do post back here if you have any further questions about PCOS.

Warm wishes LJ

Response 4th February 2014 by singlemom

Dear LJ,

Before getting pregnant on my first child, my period was regular for a few months then would stop for 2-3months. Then after giving birth, it is irregular. But still, I got pregnant on my second child. And I’m thankful for that because now I have a boy and a girl…

And also, since giving birth to my daughter, my period has not returned yet. And I haven’t been to my OB also to have a check-up… Some say, who has a PCOS also, that I should take pills. But I don’t like to take pills.. And I really don’t mind if I have a PCOS since it really doesn’t bother me on my everyday living, although sometimes I can feel a little bit of pain on my side.

But I’ll look-up in the POSAA website so that I will know more about PCOS. Thank you so much LJ for your informative post. You are really such a great help to all of us moms.

Sincerely Singlemom

Response 5th February by ljmarsden

Dear singlemom,

Thank you for your reply.

It may be that you were able to get pregnant in the 2-3 month time when your periods were more regular. I am so pleased that you did not have problems conceiving.

Taking the pill (and then coming off it) can help if you have PCOS and are trying to conceive; but it does not sound like it is needed in your case currently.

Are you able to control your weight? I know this can be difficult with PCOS but a carefully planned diet and exercise regime can really help (again, I know this isn’t always easy when you have young children).

Some breastfeeding mums find their periods don’t actually return until they stop breastfeeding; although the average time for periods to return to a breastfeeding mum is 15 months after giving birth. I think a checkup with your OB would be wise, if only to keep things in check.

Warm wishes LJ

Response 5th February 2014 from singlemom

Dear LJ,

Thank you once again for your response.

I don’t have any problem at all in conceiving and in the entire 9months of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

I really gained a lot of weight after giving birth. Before my waist was 24 inches. Now it is 40-42 inches. And I have a hard time reducing weight. If I do exercise, I tend to eat a lot more. I have more appetite after exercising.

Does drinking fresh lemon juice early in the morning on an empty stomach really help in reducing weight? If it does, the I would gladly try it.

Sincerely Singlemom

Response 6th February 2014 from ljmarsden

Dear singlemom,

Thanks for your reply.

I am very pleased to hear that you had no problems with conception or in pregnancy an labour. Great news.

In this previous thread I discussed some ways to have a healthy diet when you have PCOS. Whilst some sources do show that lemon juice can help with losing weight (and it certainly helps with increasing your vitamin C intake) it is best as part of a balanced diet. You can squeeze the lemon into water or use recipes with it in; but try to avoid adding sugar to squeezed lemon.

Eating slow energy releasing wholefoods around one hour before you exercise should help you to not feel hungry and have enough energy to take part in the activity.

I know it is difficult. Try making one small positive step in your eating or exercise regime each day.

Thinking of you,LJ

Response 6th February 2014 from Singlemom

Dear LJ,

That is surely a great suggestion in eating first before exercise rather than exercise before eating. Which was our practice before when I joined the gymnastics. No wonder I have a huge appetite after exercising.

Now that I know that I need to eat first an hour before exercising, I will again start now in exercising.

Especially that my older sister is going to be married this coming December. So I want to look good in her wedding day.. This will serve as my inspiration and target..

Thank you so much LJ.

Sincerely Singlemom

Response 8th February 2014 from ljmarsden

I hope your exercise regime gets off to a good start singlemom. Congratulations to your older sister!

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and try to drink a glass of water before each meal that you eat.

Warm wishes LJ

Response 12th February 2014 from Singlemom

Thank you so much LJ

Reply 7th April 2015 by Vernie

Dear mam LJ,

Just recently i was diagnosed 2 have a polycystic bilateral ovaries and because of that it i am very worried about it specially now that my husbnd and I already wanted to have child. My ob advice me to take a metformin and folic acid and advice to lose weight. Does my medicine is enough to lessen my worries of having no baby? She also told me that i have lots of imature egg ang less folicle that helps my egg to mature thats why i have irregular menstruation.

Response 28th November 2016 by Gayathri

Pcos and pregnant

Hi , I have the bilateral pcos and I just got pregnant. Although I did not take any pills, I went for acupuncture treatment for curing it. Lately my period was almost regural and I got pregnant this month. According to my blood hcg values I’m 4 weeks pregnant. Although I have no memory of having sex with my husband during that time. Also I’m extremely scared that I might have an miscarriage because its said that women with pcos generally do. The doctor said I have delayed conception. Since my last period was on sept 29 and I’m just now (nov 26) 4 weeks pregnant , I have trouble calculating exactly how its possible that I am pregnant. My hcg levels :600.01. Please guide me and help me with this.

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