List of Australian Birth Centres

List of Australian Birth CentresFind out about the different Australian birth centres. In Australia, birth centres are mostly attached to public hospitals. Midwifery-led care in these centres is free (being completely covered by Medicare). Care by a private midwife or doctor in a birth centre is usually claimable through Medicare and/or a private health fund.


Remi’s Birth Breech VBAC!

Remi's Birth Breech VBAC! Tess Anthony shares Remis's Breech VBAC birth story. Expecting her fourth baby Tess discovers that her baby is again breech. Mia, Tess's third baby, was also breech. Mia's birth ended as a caesarean even though Tess wanted a vaginal birth. This time around Tess is determined to have a vaginal


Inducing Labour Naturally

Inducing Labour Naturally Finding ways of inducing labour naturally has never been more imperative. Medical induction of labour has been increasing since the 1980s. Now days over 25% of women have their labours induced and a further 19.2% will have their labours sped up by artificial means (Australian Mothers and Babies 2009). Common methods


Rebozo Demonstration with Naoli Vinaver Lopez

Rebozo Demonstration with Naoli Vinaver Lopez This Youtube video demonstrates how to use the Rebozo (Mexican Shawl) to help women progress labour. Well known midwife Naoli Vinaver Lopez from Mexico, came to Los Angeles to teach a doula-workshop.


Rebozo use for labour: The hip squeeze

Rebozo use for labour: The hip squeeze Aimée and Jill demonstrate using rebozo for labour: The hip squeeze. The rebozo is great for relieving lower back pain or hip pain in pregnancy and in labour. The rebozo can also help with the progression of labour by realigning the pelvis in a way that helps the


Rebozo as a comfort measure in labour

Rebozo as a comfort measure in labour A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican Shawl that can be used as a comfort measure in labour. Here we see a father lifting his wife's belly to rock her gently between labour contractions. He lifts two to four centimeters and begins slowly rocking her belly. She relaxes


Rebozos as a tool for pregnancy and labour

Rebozos as a tool for pregnancy and labour On this page are YouTube videos and links to articles about using the rebozo as a tool for pregnancy and labour. A rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl. This shawl is long enough to wrap around a woman's body. Indeed, it is used in pregnancy and labour