By Jane Palmer

Adrian Baker - Pregnancy and Birth ArtistNothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman, and nothing is more awe inspiring than a woman giving birth. Painting is an ideal way to capture and portray this very special time in a woman’s life. When exploring pregnancy and birth artists I found Adrian Baker featured in Homebirth Access Sydney’s magazine. Adrian is a homebirth mother of three. Here is a bit more about Adrian and some of her work.

Artist Statement – Labours of Love

As a representational artist my work has its roots in classicism. My paintings however, explore the human condition in very contemporary terms. I strive for technical excellence in order to give compelling expression to my ideas. My inspiration comes from whatever moves me, whether or not it is a traditionally accept subject for painting. Much of my material comes from within my experience.

This has led me to create a series of paintings exploring the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I don’t attempt to idealise or romanticise the subject matter, but explore both society’s concept of motherhood and its influence on women’s own self-image. I present conflicting views such as ‘Woman as Madonna’, a spiritual and sacred being; ‘Woman as Mother Earth’, in a calm acceptance of the metamorphosis of her body; and ‘Woman as Animal’ surrendering herself to the primal act of childbirth.

All my subjects are either friends or acquaintances who agreed to model for me, or women who agreed (through their midwife) to be photographed during birthing. I use all these sketches and photos as inspiration for the final paintings.

Visit Adrian’s Website to view more of her work

Sample of Adrian’s Work