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The Bella Birth of Xander Blake Bromwich

The Bella Birth of Xander Blake Bromwich 31.10.12 at 1:49pm (39wks 4 days) 3.54kg - 52.5cm - Head 34cm Saturday 27th:  I notice many changes such as tender breasts and mucus turning from whitish to the fertile raw egg white kind. Sunday there was a bloody show (light pink tinge to the mucus). I


Why Choose a Midwife?

Why Choose a Midwife? I grew up hearing many horror birth stories, including my mother’s, and had little trust in my body or the birth process. I grew up thinking that once I was pregnant, I would see an obstetrician and I assumed he would tell me that I was like my mother and


The homebirth of Archie McGuire Wolfe

The homebirth of Archie McGuire Wolfe The homebirth of Archie McGuire Wolfe 06/08/12    12lb4oz (5.56kg) HBA4C My greatest achievements in life have been my 9 gorgeous children. Each of the journeys that delivered them to me has been unique. With each new pregnancy, my “risk” status grew in the eyes of healthcare providers &


My birth story of Lucas

My birth story of Lucas By Carolynne Glover Just a brief history of prior births: 1st C-section - was induced because of back pain at 39w2d. Being my 1st, I didn't know any different and I thought my dr was doing what was best for me. On the night of the 2nd of March,


Tammy’s Birth Story – Induction in Hospital

Tammy's Birth Story - Induction in Hospital For me labour was definitely not what I was expecting. In the weeks leading up I did what most expectant mothers did, I read every source I could on labour and birth so I could be prepared as possible. My husband had a fairly good idea of


Head held high!

Head held high! Our story begins many weeks before Oliver's "birth day". We had a wonderful pre-natal experience with our midwife Ali from the Ryde Midwifery Group. She was incredibly supportive and informative of our many questions and varying anxieties and challenges throughout the pregnancy. She informed us without pressing her opinions and was


Pregnancy and Birth Story

Pregnancy and Birth Story Danielle is married and has two beautiful daughters, 3 yr old Georgia and 6 week old Elise. This is the pregnancy and birth story of Danielle's daughter Elise. Relaxed, calm child birth... surely after having a child before and thinking I knew what I was in for, means I could


Fifteen with Twins

Fifteen with Twins This is my birth story: Fifteen with twins. It was the night of my year 10 formal. I went with my boyfriend, Cameron, of 3 years. We had a really good and fun night and decided to sleep together later that night. Around Christmas/New Year time I started to feel quite sick.