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Inducing Labour Naturally

Inducing Labour Naturally Finding ways of inducing labour naturally has never been more imperative. Medical induction of labour has been increasing since the 1980s. Now days over 25% of women have their labours induced and a further 19.2% will have their labours sped up by artificial means (Australian Mothers and Babies 2009). Common methods


Birth Journeys: Positive birth stories to encourage and inspire

Birth Journeys: Positive birth stories to encourage and inspire Much of our pre-existing knowledge about birth comes from the stories we have been exposed to from the time we were children. Sadly, these stories are rarely positive stories. Women are often told horror stories about birth as soon as they become pregnant, if not



Placentophagy Placentophagy, consumption of one’s own placenta, is undergoing a small revival in Western culture. Numerous benefits to maternal health and wellbeing have be purported by placentophagy. These include specific hormones and nutrients which may be derived from ingestion, benefits for nutrition, the prevention of postnatal depression and increased lactation. However research in support