You won’t realize how compassionate and giving people can be until you have twins. First of all, from the day you get that ultrasound showing two little ones incubating in your belly, your beau is sure to treat you like a queen. That is, he better treat you like a queen for his own good. People will bend over backwards for you, and forwards to pick things up, as you will be one heavy mama! They’ll let you cut in line for the restroom. Heck, they’ll even feed you at your request!

Alongside all the extra precautions advised for a twin pregnancy, there are benefits as well. Start with the moment your six month old twins face each other, grab each other’s hands and lay on your chest for a nap. Sigh. That’s true bliss.

You are a Goddess

Raising multiple babies elevates your status from mere mortal to goddess. Other moms will look at you in awe. Imagine staying up most of the night then going to work in the morning and conquering the day. You may start to actually believe you are a higher power.

Once you get into a routine, it’s almost too easy, However, people will still carry your groceries, hold open the door and cook for you, because you, my dear, have your hands full.

Built-in Playmate

Best friends for life. Your twins will always have someone to lean on. You can almost certainly rest assure they’ll help each other in school and beyond. Twins have a bond unlike any other.

Once they are old enough to start playing games, you are welcome to join in the 100th round of Candy Land. Otherwise, you can check on them periodically as they play and you relax while reading a book.

Your Body

Not only will both arms be equally buff due to holding one baby in each, but you can walk off that baby fat quicker by pushing two in a double stroller.

One Pregnancy

You wanted to have two kids, so lucky you… Done! One pregnancy, two kids, like two birds with one stone.

New Stuff

The more sticky hands and drooling mouths means the dirtier your carpet, cabinets and tile will be. Once they get a little older, you can always replace the old items with shiny new ones.

So, don’t worry. Once your home pregnancy test confirms you’re with child, (whether a singleton or twinsies), your life will change forever and little miracles will become real. Being pregnant with twins may be a tougher journey than with a single one, but the rewards far outweigh the hardship. Double the wiggles, double the giggles!

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