New look website for

Welcome to the new look We are very excited to have launched our new site after almost a year of development. You’ll see things are looking fresh and clean around here as well as our corporate image undergoing its own makeover.

Our main goals for the new website were to make it easier to navigate and easier for us to update, so we can share up-to-date news on pregnancy, birth and parenting issues with you as soon as possible. Most of all, we wanted to help you, our loyal followers, get to know us better and make life easier for you. If you take a look around the site we think you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are, what we do and more importantly how we can help you.

Hiccups with Website Launch

With such a big project there have been some hiccups. We have over 2000 pages of information that has to be manually transferred over (one page at a time). Due to an issue with advertising law surrounding health professionals as mandated by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) we were forced to launch prematurely – before the site was completed and ready for launch.

Previously we had a number of regulated health professionals such as midwives, doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists etc. advertising on our site including our midwife managing director Jane Palmer. As we listed these regulated health professionals, every page on was required to conform to very strict advertising rules. This fundamentally limited our freedom of speech, expression of personal views, opinions or even just reporting on the latest research (if that research wasn’t a multi-centred randomised control trial). The net result is we had to take down the entire site and start again.

What’s next?

Coming out the other side we have recovered and are coming back bigger and better than ever. We’ve refocused so we can continue supporting choice for families. Join our online community or check out our new look online store. While most pages are back up we are still working on fixing the navigation between our articles. Please be patient with us for just a little longer. Wishing you all a positive birth!

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