Most women who discover their baby is breech are told by their care provider that a caesarean is required. In fact, they are told a caesearean is preferable, necessary, essential, unavoidable, sensible, prudent, responsible. Many women carrying breech babies often end up having a caesarean, regardless of a desire for a vaginal birth.

When Tess discovered her fourth baby was breech, just like her third, she became determined to avoid the caesarean birth outcome she had experienced last time, confident both in her and her baby’s ability to achieve a natural birth. Please enjoy this inspirational and touching video of the birth of Remi Violet.

Warning this video shows graphic birth images

Read Remi’s Breech VBAC Birth Story

Remis Breech VBAC birthTess Anthony shares Remis’s breech VBAC birth story. Expecting her fourth baby Tess discovers that her baby is again breech. Mia, Tess’s third baby, was also breech. Mia’s birth ended as a caesarean even though Tess wanted a vaginal birth. This time around Tess is determined to have a vaginal birth. Enjoy Tess’s story about her successful breech VBAC.

Only 10 months after giving birth to my 3rd child, I discovered I was pregnant again, with baby #4.

Mila (baby #3) was delivered by caesarean section (in Canberra) as she was breech. A c/s was something I never wanted, yet the Drs insisted I have one due to her breech position. I was happy to go ahead with a breech vaginal birth, but the Drs were not confident and since they no longer practice breech deliveries I ended up with a scheduled c/s. She was delivered at 39wk 4d, happy, healthy and oh so perfect. Everything went really well thankfully. I still regret not trying harder to get a vaginal birth, as I knew I could have done it. I decided I would most definitely be having a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) for baby #4. Read on…

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