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Breast Pads and Breast Care

breast pads and breast careIn this section, you can explore quality breast pads and breast care products that are available. As a new mum having sticky and wet breasts are not high on your priority list. The letdown reflex is responsible for leaky breasts. Be prepared in advance with high-quality nursing pads. At PBB, we sell ecologically sound reusable breast pads as well as convenient disposable ones.

Ameda Contoured Reusable Nursing Pads provides a pack of 6 reusable pads to combat milk leakage effectively.

You can also get a box of the award-winning Natracare Nursing Pads. The box contains 26 pads that are chlorine-free and will not taint the taste of your milk. You can get our Medela washable bra pads made from a unique anti-microbial material on preventing breastmilk leakage. It additionally reduces the risk of odours and bacterial growth. Our range of nursing pads is growing.

Experiencing sore nipples, we have some products that can help. Products include hydrogel breast discs, Medela Purelan 100 lanolin cream and Weleda nipple care cream. Make sure you consult a midwife or lactation consultant for ongoing nipply soreness or damage.

Breast Hot-Cold Pak is a twin pack that provides both hot and cold relief from pain caused by sore breasts and breast engorgement, respectively.

Also included in our breast pads and breast care product range are breast shells and milk collectors. Our range consists of the Haakaa, Avent and Medela range of products. For example, the Medela Breast Shells protects sore nipples from chafing of clothing for a short time and collects leaking breastmilk. If you choose, you can were breast shells continuously between breastfeeding sessions.

Breast cooling and warming products

Breast warmers can help improve the follow of breastmilk and are ideal if you experience nipple vasospasm. Born to feed and Breast Soother ideal for warm or cool breast therapy. Both can help to relieve discomfort. Cold treatment aims to reduce pain and symptoms associated with mastitis, engorgement, general tenderness, and swelling. The design of breast warming and cooling products fits around the breast to provide maximum relief.

But that is not all we have to offer! There are still many more products in our breast pads and breast care section! Start shopping now!

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PBB adheres to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes in order to protect breastfeeding.

Breast Pads and Breast Care Products