Birth Ball 65cm with Pump

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Birth Ball 65cm with pump – great for use in Pregnancy and Labour.

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Birth Ball with pump – great for use in Pregnancy and Labour.

  • for relief from back pain and pregnancy discomfort
  • for optimal foetal positioning, getting your baby into the best position for birth
  • for prenatal exercises to keep fit during pregnancy and build strength for labour. These include squats, stretches and leg bends
  • for pelvic floor exercises

Use your Birth Ball in Labour:

  • help to cope with contractions
  • for relaxation in labour
  • for progressing labour and dilation of the neck of the uterus to support mobile, active birth positions

Dimensions : 65cm. This premium quality ball made from a strong synthetic rubber which has a smooth feel and will support user weights up to 125kg. This yoga ball inflates easily with the foot pump provided up to 60cm and after a week or so of use and stretching it will settle to it’s full nominal size of 65cm.

Birth ball pump and birth ball super pump are available.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 19 × 20 cm


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