Tien's StoryMy name is Tien. I am a mother of 3 and the 4th on the way, currently 30wks pregnant with a baby boy. I would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy, birth and beyond website. I loved it especially the birth stories. Your website is very informative  and educational. I see that you only had one teenage birth story online so I would like to share my birth stories with you.

I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child when I was 15yrs old, I was in yr 10 at high school then. I had the feeling I was pregnant but being so young I was in denial and keep pushing it at the back of my mind hoping it will go away on its own. Soon my stomach swelled up so big that I couldn’t deny any longer and went to the local doctor with my closest friends. One of my girlfriends went in with me while my other friend and my boyfriend waited outside for the news. I think my friend was in a lot more shock then I was! she kept on say” oh my god, oh my god!”

I went out and told my boyfriend and friends and they were all really happy for us. I was lucky in enough to have a boyfriend that loved me in enough to stick around, and sure enough he stuck for nearly 15yrs now!

Telling my mum and family was my biggest hurdle. I slip it out during a argument with her one night.  She sat me and my boyfriend down and told me that I can either have an abortion  and stay home, continue with my schooling or else I must leave and never to return again. I chose the later. Lucky for me my boyfriends family was very understanding and took me in. My mum did come around to talk to his parents and ask them have a talk with us. My mum desperately wanted me to have an abortion and come home, thinking I am to young to have a child. I continued to stay with my boyfriends family. I had an very easy pregnancy.

The night of 11th of April 1996 I started to have contractions at 9pm, I laboured at home until I no longer can stand it and woke up my boyfriend and his family. We all packed into the car, his mum, dad and 2 younger sisters. The hospital was a long way but been a stormy night it made it so much longer. I didn’t have a smooth labour at all. the pain was unbearable, so much that I begged the doctor to give me a c – section even tho I am scared to death of operation! at that time I didn’t care as long as the baby was out and the pain gone. I ended up with an epidural and forceps delivery. I wasn’t happy at all with the forceps delivery, my baby boy ended up with a 1cm scare right at the corner of one of his eyes, nearly blinding him, beside that he was a healthy boy weighting 2.9kgs.

My mum came to visit the next day and after that. Soon all my family came around as well. My friends were also wonderful. We continued to live with my boyfriends parents until 2001 when we moved out on our own and I fell pregnant again. This pregnancy was also uneventful. The only thing was I had only gain 3 kilos in the whole nine months and doctor was concern that baby wasn’t growing inside so she decided to induce me. My 2nd labour was very much different from the first. The pain was much more intense with the Picton. My parents in law asked the nurse when I would be having baby and the nurse said not until late afternoon so my parents in-law said to my partner to ring them when the time is near. My partner also decided to go out and move the car so we were get fined. When he got back I was already starting to push. Lucky he got back just in time! I Push for another 30mins and my little girl came out into the world with a big lungful of scream. she was a healthy but tiny 2.2kgs.

We were trying for another baby straight afterwards but it didn’t happen until I finally gave up. My 3rd pregnancy was also uneventful. My waters broke on fathers day while I was getting ready to go out and celebrate with my in-laws. This time labour wasn’t so smooth as my last. dilated to 10cm in an hour but after 30mins of pushing doctor decided to vacuum because baby was still high up and wont come down. The pain was unbelievable. The didn’t give me any drugs at all and I felt every tug and pull. My partner sat there looking very angry and upset. He didn’t like what he was seeing at all and was in no mood to support me either. Afterwards I asked him why he didn’t give me any encouragement and he said his heart was torn apart seeing how much pain I was in and seeing the doctor trying to rip out his sons head! I think if the doctor gave baby more time he will come down on his own. My son came out with an extra thumb but he was a very healthy baby , weighting 2.8kgs. We named him Alex and he is having his extra thumb remove in 2 weeks time. Lucky it does effect his hand movement at all and will not make it look deform either.

I am now 30wks pregnant with my fourth baby. So far so good. The only discomfort I feel is my ribs being sore from baby poking it. I am praying this time around I wont have to have assisted labour.

Even though I have an happy ending but if given the chance I would do it differently. I would try to finish my schooling before I start a family, but having said that I would never swap my kids for anything at all, they are my life and joy. I am hoping to go back to studying once my kids are all in school. My oldest is in high school this year, my daughter started preschool and my youngest at home. Got my hands full now!

thanks for reading!

regards, Tien

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