As you know toilet training a child can be a time of testing the patience of parents.  It can be a time of upsets, disappointments, one step forward and two steps backwards. And sometimes toilet on floors and the thought of “will my child ever learn how to take him/herself to the toilet?”

My daughters are now nearly 12 and nearly 8 years old. They were toilet trained when they were about 3 years old. And they were toilet trained in just one day!!! Everyone laughed at me when I told them this. Mums at dinner parties looked blank and thought I was deranged when I wanted to share my enthusiasm, until weeks later they were ringing me up asking me how did I do it?

Well, it came about something like this. When Alicia, my oldest, was about ready to be toilet trained I didn’t really know what to do, apart from sit her on a potty and hope for the best. Then one day I was shopping with a friend whose children were teenagers, but, she had used a system for toilet training her children in just one day.  And she told me, “it really worked!”  Well the next week I invited her for coffee and sat her down and I asked her for all the specific details of what she had done.

I wrote down her instructions, added and modified them, got myself ready and away I went … then toilet trained Alicia in just one day the following week. There were some things I had to get to prepare for this day. I needed a doll that would wee itself.  A very sturdy potty chair with a pot that could be emptied and reinserted back into the chair was purchased.  A lot of drinks, salty food and treats such as lollies, chocolates, muesli bars and fruit. I also needed knickers for Alicia that were about two sizes too big, wipe cloths and an apron with pockets.

On the morning of Alicia’s training day I arranged for no-one to be home, I put a note on the door explaining that I wanted No Interruptions and turned on my answering machine and turned off my mobile phone. For the rest of the day I gave Alicia all my attention and followed the instructions of the toilet training plan.

First I had Alicia learn how to teach the doll that wees to go to the potty chair. This gave her the idea of why and how to go to the toilet.  She learnt how to get the doll to the potty in time, take down its pants, wait for the doll to urinate, pull up its pants, then have the doll empty the pot (with the fake urine) into the toilet then reinsert the pot into the potty chair. I also taught Alicia that the doll would be praised and enthusiasm and rewards given when the doll went to the potty chair and weed. We also practiced what would happen if the doll wet itself.

I then taught Alicia to go to the potty chair for herself. One of the things that I did here was to give her a lot of drinks so that she had plenty of opportunities to have to go to the toilet. I taught her one step at a time, how to get her pants up and down easily (having two sizes too big really helped here), how to sit on the toilet (potty chair) and relax until she either urinated or had a bowel action. How to wipe her self, pull up her knickers and empty the pot into the toilet and then reinsert it her self into the potty chair.

She received rewards as she was learning for correct behaviour. She learnt what to do when she had an accident, how to go to the toilet when she was playing and how to get to the toilet when she was playing outside.

Rewards and praise were given to her for having Dry Pants, particularly after she had got the hang of going to the toilet for herself.

That night she did not wear nappies in bed, we left a night light on for her and the potty chair was near to her bed. The next day we celebrated with her and she was given a Certificate Of Accomplishment for being Toilet Trained.

Yes it did happen and yes Alicia and her sister Katrina-Lee were both toilet trained in just one day!!!

All this was achieved with so much ease and fun that I’ve put together a manual that is very specific, very detailed, very easy to read and very understandable so that you too can toilet train your child in just one day!!!  …”Toilet Train Today … How To Toilet Train Your Child In Just One Day!!!” This manual comes in a package, The Ultimate Toilet Training Package and also includes a FREE ½ telephone consultation and a FREE Certificate Of Accomplishment for your Child

Step By Step By Step

  1. Prepare your child by reading to him/her books such as “I   Want My Potty” by Tony Ross and “Max’s Potty” by Harriet Ziefert or “All By Myself” by Dr Bill Gillham. Have your child watch members of his/her family go to the toilet,
  2. Prepare the items you will need, such as large knickers, wipe cloths, a doll that wets itself and a sturdy type potty chair, or make your house toilet suitable with an insert seat and steps or a box for your child to stand on.
  3. Allow one day uninterrupted to teach your child to teach the doll to go to the toilet and then teach him/her the steps involved to go to the toilet.  (As per this article.)
  4. Praise your child enthusiastically whenever he/she does anything and clap and cheer when he/she actually urinates or does a bowel motion in the toilet and/or potty chair.
  5. At the end of the day when your child is successfully toilet trained or the next day have a celebration and give your child a Certificate of Accomplishment.

This article was written by Margaret Saunders, at Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions.

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