miscarriage imageMiscarriage can have a profound impact on parents. The term miscarriage refers to early pregnancy loss.  Miscarriage is common, around one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Parents reaction to miscarriage can vary from not been hardly effected at all to the miscarriage being a devastating life event.

Support and information can help parents at this very difficult time. Two web sites that may be of assistance are:

The following poem was written by Nicole Johnson

In memory of Bou Nikolaos Johnson
Died before you could live 17th of Feb 2003 ( 9 wks 6 days)

Much loved by Mummy and Daddy
Will be thought of by Sophie & Brothers & Sisters to come.

Protected by the caring arms of Eva Audrey Ives (Nanna)

You are the highest angel on the tree,
The brightest star in the night Sky,
the greenest blade of grass in a lawn of brown,
The largest patch of blue on a rainy day,
Thought of and missed for years to come.
Mummy xxx

Estimated due date 9th of October 2003

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