By Jane Palmer

My Pregnancy: A Woman's Story

I’ve always adored Anne Geddes photographs of newborn babies. The photographs are innovative, compelling and unusual. Anne has now turned her wonderful talent to photographing pregnant women and the results are amazing. These pregnancy photographs go alongside women’s stories of pregnancy, birth and parenting in “My Pregnancy, A Woman’s Story”. This is a heart-warming and compelling quarterly magazine. The magazine is high quality, beautifully presented and makes the perfect gift. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the women’s stories.

Some of the women’s stories are joyful and others heartrending. One of the most astonishing stories in the series is triplets who were all pregnant at the same time and all gave birth to sons, two of them on the same day. One couple face the most tragic event of having a stillborn baby three days before the due date. At nearly forty years of age, a first time pregnant mother discovers she has breast cancer shortly after conception, undergoes treatment and gives birth a healthy baby.

My Pregnancy A Woman's Story triplets

 Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes

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