A film about pregnancy, childbirth and the power of choice.

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond presented the Red Carpet Premiere of The Face of Birth in Sydney at Event Cinemas, Parramatta. We enjoyed a drink and some canapés on arrival in the Gold Class lounge. We listened to wonderful guest speakers following the screening.

If you missed PBB’s screening you can see it on Friday 23rd of March. The University of Western Sydney School of Nursing and Midwifery is hosting a premier screening of the Face of Birth following their conference “Place of Birth: Models of Care”. For more information about the screening and conference email Holly Priddis or download the conference brochure.

Alternatively to find a screening close to use visit the Face of Birth Website.


“Last night I attended the premier of Face Of Birth and all I can say is go see it! It’s not just about homebirth, it’s about strong informed women making decisions in a system that doesn’t support women, it’s about the culture of fear and risk in maternity, there’s a lot about how birth experiences affect mothers mental health and how it is important how our babies are born. I can not emphasise enough how important this film is to women such as yourselves aiming to change birth outcomes in our maternity climate.”

“It was an amazing film and a wonderful night!”

“Amazing film! I felt lucky to be there among so many women and men passionate about women’s choice in birth.”

Face of Birth – Red Carpet Premiere