By Jane Palmer

The Sound of Silence Journeys Through MiscarriageAs a midwife I often find myself in the position of supporting women through a miscarriage in early pregnancy. Each time, it breaks my heart as the woman grieves for her lost baby. I want to be able to support women in the best way possible through their individual journey. When I was offered the opportunity to review the book ‘The Sound of Silence: Journeys Through Miscarriage’ I jumped at the opportunity to review a book that may prove a valuable resource for the women for whom I provide midwifery care.

The book is a collection of stories of women who’ve experienced miscarriage. Each journey is unique and I found the book quite compelling reading. The stories are sad, happy and at times confronting. The book has a resource list at the end which is quite helpful. My only criticism is that I personally would have liked some factual information included on miscarriage. However, overall I found ‘The Sound of Silence: Journeys Through Miscarriage’ a valuable book that I will add to my personal library.

The book’s blurb states:

Miscarriage is so common and yet it is an unspeakable subject. Women often grieve alone, mourning a child they have never met but whose future they have already imagined. It is a private, hidden kind of grief. In The Sound of Silence twenty‐two women speak out about their experiences of miscarriage. These are stories of loss and loneliness, hope and joy, strength and courage, and, most of all, overwhelming love. They are a reminder to all women who have experienced a miscarriage that they are not alone.

Jane’s rating ♦ ♦ ♦ (3 out of 5)

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