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Childbirth, Our Choice

Childbirth, Our Choice This was the moment, Peta looked at me just before leaving the room to use the test kit! I was somewhat indifferent at the time, strangely perhaps due to optimism, and that this “action” was mere formality. Peta returned shortly with a wry smile on her face, the smile grew bigger


Susanne’s Story

I have been reading all of the stories from other mothers who had their babies and I found it to be very interesting indeed. I am having my third, am 30,in NW I have two boys age 6 and 8 from previous marriage. I am so far 16 weeks soon on Monday I stop


Long Wait (2007)

Long Wait (2007) Hello my name is Sylvia Christofis and I am 39 years old.  I am expecting my second child in 17 years.  My son Steven was born in December 1989. I had four months of bad morning sickness until 16 weeks and trouble free pregnancy until I reached 35 weeks. At that


Claytons Pregnancy (2002)

Claytons Pregnancy (2002) Last year, I went to the doctors complaining of tender breasts. I was asked to give details of my last menstrual cycle. Come to think, I remember saying, it has been a while. The doctor gave me a urine test and it gave a positive result. She then proceeds to send


For Ethan

By Yvette Barton I have always wanted to be a mother. As a child I played with the role, through my adolescence I dreamed of it, and as an adult I held it as my greatest goal. I had always known, or at least believed, that I would have a son. Fortune tellers in


I’ll Never Get Pregnant

By Ki Wolf Natalie stared down blankly at another negative strip of plastic, urine covered let down. Ten months and still nothing. She hardly expected to see a second line, but that didn’t dampen the hard slap in the face that it was every time she saw such faceless rejection. “I should have had