Claytons Pregnancy (2002)

Last year, I went to the doctors complaining of tender breasts. I was asked to give details of my last menstrual cycle. Come to think, I remember saying, it has been a while. The doctor gave me a urine test and it gave a positive result. She then proceeds to send me to the Pathology for me to give blood. The results were phoned to me the next day. To my shock, the result was a definite negative. I was shell-shocked and cried myself to sleep that night.

Two weeks later, I was still complaining of tender breasts and a touch of nausea. My doctor sent me to the Pathology Unit again for tests. This time the result was positive. Four weeks later I had a miscarriage. A most dark time in my life, as well as being physically painful.

Well, it is 2002 now and guess what? I did a home pregnancy test and it was positive.

My husband and I celebrated over a fine meal. I went to the doctor the next day to gain confirmation through a blood test. I had a blood test and the result was negative. My breasts were not tender but my period had been delayed about 1 and 1/2 months. One week later, I did another home pregnancy test again out of curiosity and desperation! It was positive! I proceeded back to the doctors with the urine stick and said my breasts are now tender and I’ve got a positive result still. The doctor sent me to the Pathology Unit and the result was still negative.

This is a mystery only God can work out. It is what I term a Claytons pregnancy (a pregnancy that you are having and the doctors say you are not). I’m still waiting to see what happens over the next few weeks and I have to see the doctor within the next month. I am hoping and praying that I have a child living and growing inside me. I believe doctors can be wrong. They have been wrong in my case last year. So I’m hoping to have a baby sometime in December.

It’s a wait and see thing. I think it is called “Faith” or a “Claytons Pregnancy”.

Written by Debbie