///Unexpected Outcome Stories

Prenatal Diagnosis Support

Prenatal Diagnosis Support By Stephanie Azri Stephanie recounts her story as mother expecting a child with a fatal condition (Potter's Syndrome). Stephanie shares her journey to help other families in a similiar situation and offers them practical support. Talina’s story My husband and I had decided to have another baby with the other two


Lilli Amba Coombes – Tragic Story

Lilli Amba Coombes - Tragic Story Born 18/04/05 at 3.20am Weighing 8lb 8oz and 55cm long You were a complete surprise to us at first but how wonderful for Jack (your big brother now 3 ½) to have a play mate. At 6 ½ weeks we had our first scan and your due date


Isabella’s Story

Isabella’s Story I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, we were so excited to be having our second baby a brother or sister for our little boy. My whole pregnancy I thought something was wrong. Maybe I was just paranoid because just months before, at 8 weeks I had a miscarriage which


An Unplanned Homebirth

An Unplanned Homebirth I was five days overdue and I'd been having what I thought were mild contractions on and off all day. By 4:30pm they were about 15 to 20 minutes apart. I rang the labour ward at the hospital and was told to stay at home until the contractions were four to


Our True Little Miracle

Our True Little Miracle By Shusannah Morris Molly-Rose was born on the 5th February 2003 at 25 weeks (3 months early). Little did we know when we made the big decision to start a family what lay ahead. We started IVF in August 2002, keeping a very positive and open mind as we knew


Joshua’s Birth Story

Joshua's Birth Story By Jane Palmer Lack of information or choice, premature labour, medical crises, insensitive or undignified care can all conspire against an active birth and a positive start to mothering.  Jane Palmer describes how her son's birth didn't go according to plan. I was 35 weeks pregnant and had found out the


Susan’s Birth Story

Susan's Birth Story No epidural, no pain medications, forceps, forth degree episiotomy After a perfect pregnancy my due date of November 5 2001 came and went. I decided not to be induced unless there was a medical reason. There never was. I also planned to go natural, even though it was my first. I


Birth Story

Birth Story My story is not a very happy one, but I truly believe that it is one worth telling so that other parents are able to prepare themselves properly. She died during the birth. I had had to be induced as Olivia had Hydrops fetalis, which is fluid retention around the baby and


That Wouldn’t Happen To Me!

That Wouldn't Happen To Me! By Andrea Nielsen You know the old saying “That wouldn’t happen to me!”  Well it did!  I was just your normal healthy 30 year old who has never been to hospital, never had a stitch or a broken bone and then I decided to have a baby!  This is


Trudy’s Story

Trudy's Story When I was pregnant with my first son I found out that I had an ovarian cyst.  The cyst burst several times during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy and my doctors told me that there was nothing they could do.  Finally after it bursting a final time they decided to send