Placenta with umbilical cord curled upAs a homebirth midwife there is always that week in antenatal care where my clients and I discuss what will be done with the placenta. Some choose to freeze it to decide later, some wish to just dispose of it, others feel a connection to their placenta and wish to celebrate and commemorate it and some, like every other mammal on earth, choose to consume it. So when I ask the question, ‘so what do you think you’ll do with your placenta’, they almost always say, ‘well what are my options’. This article aims to give you a few ideas if you wish to immortalise, commemorate, celebrate, honour or harness the power of your placenta.

Placenta Prints

The placenta has an amazing network of blood vessels which can make for an amazing placenta print. A print is made by using the placenta, along with its bloody coating, as a stamp to outline and detail the placenta on paper. Here’s one I did for a client recently – the amazing tree of life!

Homeopathic Placenta Remedy

I’ve never done this personally but a dear midwife friend of mine does it regularly and swears by its benefits. You can also find details about this

Placenta Encapsulation

This is where the placenta is steamed, dehydrated, ground to a powder and put in capsules to make consuming it more palatable for mothers who choose to do this. Googling the benefits of consuming your placenta in this way will reveal some anecdotal evidence about its benefits. See the picture diary below of how a placenta is encapsulated.

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Placenta Encapsulation Cutting off membrane and cord Cutting placenta into quarters
Rinse the Placenta under running water
to remove as much blood as possible.
Cut off membranes and cord. Cut placenta into quarters.
steam placenta